Canon 5DS R vs Canon D2000 DSLR

Canon 5DS R vs Canon D2000 DSLR

How far has Canon DSLR technology come since the release of the 1st Canon branded DSLR in 1998? To find out we put the Canon D2000 head-to-head shot-for-shot against the latest Canon 5DS R. To my surprise the D2000 still has some tricks up its sleeve!

Quick Stats

Canon D2000
2 megapixel CCD sensor
Crop factor of 1.6X
ISO range of 200-1600
File formats of JPG or TIF

Canon 5DS R
50 megapixel CMOS sensor
Full frame sensor (no crop factor)
ISO range of 100-12800
File formats of RAW, M-RAW, S-RAW & JPG

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